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The Accurate Dawg Pound Reels were conceived after looking into the easiest, most effective way to offer anglers immediate stopping power. We had been studying the mechanical life of Anti Reverse Bearings associated with constant saltwater interaction. In talking with some of the main reel repair services throughout the United States they all agreed that reel manufacturers had one common problem and it was the effects of corrosion on the AR bearings leading to failure issues.

In the beginning, the first reel manufacturers used dogs in the their reels with good success. The designed worked for years until the evolution of the bearing became more prevalent. The Twins started looking at the dogs again and decided to design the first three dog design on the market. The ATD series had dogs designed in them and the success rate was excellent so we put them into our smaller 2-speed reels. The DPX2 reels were born.

The Dawg Pound Extreme reels are offered in all sizes starting in a DPX2-400N to a DPX2-30. These reels have three synced dogs for instant stopping power and offer Accurate Patented TwinDrag® system for a smoother, even drag for those hard fighting pelagic gamefish. These reels are perfect for schoolie tuna, Kingfish, Sailfish, Stripe Bass, Stripe Marlin and whatever other local gamefish you are targeting.

These reels like all our reels are made of 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum which is lightweight and strong. These reels feature our wet TwinDrag® patented system for even, smooth, stopping power. Accurate Reels are made in the USA.

* Accurate reels like all mechanical products are designed with specific use in mind. The BX and DPX2 reels will handle most gamefish but we do not recommend them for Cow fishing (Tuna in Excess of 200Lbs). If you are looking for a reel for stopping fish in excess of two hundred pounds the ATD series is designed for the most extreme gamefish and angling conditions.

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